Aquatic Invasive Species Control in Florida

The serene waters of Florida’s aquatic ecosystems are a captivating sight, attracting both nature enthusiasts and diverse wildlife. However, lurking beneath the surface are invasive aquatic plants that threaten the delicate balance of these ecosystems. These plants outcompete native species for resources, decrease water quality, hinder recreational activities, and adversely impact the habitat for native flora and fauna.

Aquagenix offers a suite of aquatic invasive species control services in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a team of seasoned experts, we are committed to restoring and maintaining the ecological balance of aquatic environments.

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Preventing the Growth of Invasive Plants in Florida 

Eradicating invasive plants is not merely an aesthetic concern; it’s a crucial step in preserving the biodiversity and ecological health of Florida’s water bodies. Aquatic invasive plants can clog waterways, impede the flow of water, and create dense mats that hinder sunlight penetration. This leads to a cascade of negative effects, harming everything from fish populations to water quality. Make sure weeds do not overtake your lake or pond. Reach out to our Florida team for aquatic invasive species control solutions. We’re ready to serve you in the following locations and beyond:

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Sarasota, FL
  • Lauderdale, FL
  • West Palm, FL
  • Tampa, FL

Eradicating Submerged Invasive Plants

Submerged invasive plants can rapidly colonize water bodies, forming dense underwater canopies that impede the movement of native species and cause issues for boating and fishing. Our aquatic invasive species control methods involve the utilization of herbicides specifically formulated to target submerged aquatic weeds while minimizing impact on native vegetation in Florida. We prioritize environmentally friendly solutions, working closely with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and regulations.

Controlling Emergent Invasive Plant Species

Emergent invasive plants pose unique challenges as they extend above the water surface. Our control strategies for emergent aquatic plants focus on a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological methods. With mechanical removal, we will use specialized equipment to cut, harvest, or pull these invasive weeds. In cases where herbicides are deemed necessary, we carefully select formulations to limit environmental impact and promote the restoration of native plant communities. Biological control measures, such as the introduction of herbivorous insects or pathogens specific to the invasive species, are implemented judiciously to further enhance the effectiveness of our control efforts.

Before beginning any aquatic invasive species control methods, our Florida team conducts thorough site assessments. Based on the information gathered, we can tailor an approach that addresses the unique challenges presented by each emergent plant species.

Harvesting Floating Aquatic Plants

Floating aquatic plants may seem harmless, but their rapid spreading can quickly cover water surfaces, hinder navigation, disrupt recreational activities, and impede water flow. Equipped with specialized harvesters and skimmers, our aquatic invasive species control team in Florida targets floating plants with precision. This routine measure controls the immediate impact of these invasive species and contributes to long-term management and restoration goals.

Monitoring for Invasive Plants

Our team conducts thorough aquatic surveys, utilizing cutting-edge technology to detect and eradicate invasive species early on. Whether you’re primarily concerned about submerged or floating plants, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team will prevent the unchecked proliferation of invasive plants and mitigate potential ecological damage. We can even help you determine if your lake or pond would benefit from other maintenance solutions, such as littoral shelf planting, vegetation removal, or aquatic planting.

Contact Aquagenix for Invasive Species Management

If you suspect invasive species in your body of water or wish to proactively manage your aquatic environment, turn to Aquagenix for the best solution. Our team of experts will assess your unique situation and tailor a comprehensive invasive species management plan to suit your needs. Schedule a service today and invest in the restoration and protection of Florida’s waterways. We look forward to serving you in Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, and Tampa, FL.

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