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Aeration Systems

Improved aeration in ponds and lakes through the use of fountains and diffusers improves aesthetics and encourages the growth of desirable plant species. Learn More 

Aquatic Planting/Aquascaping

Aquagenix can provide delivery, installation and maintenance of aquatic and wetland plants. Learn More

Aquatic Weed Control

Aquagenix uses the best EPA approved products along with the latest technology and equipment to eliminate undesirable vegetation from ponds, lakes and canals. Learn More

Biological Controls

Aquagenix can provide you with a more environmentally friendly program that includes turbidity reduction (improves water clarity), “good natural” live bacteria enzymes, muck reduction, aeration systems, and annual GIS mapping to track the reduction of muck & organic material in your lake while charting the improvement over time. Learn More

Erosion Repair

Let our experience and relationships with your local county and municipal departments work in your favor as we put together the best case scenario for your erosion issues. Learn More

Fish Stocking

A healthy and diverse fish population is needed to create an environmentally balanced aquatic environment. Learn More


Fountain Systems

Aquagenix can provide quality fountains, diffusers and aeration systems that can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements. Learn More

JetVac Cleaning

Stormwater System Camera Inspections and JetVac Cleaning services are critical to make sure that your system is in working order with no leaks, sediment build up, or damages. Learn More

Littoral Shelf

From design and planting, Government Compliance, to future maintenance, Aquagenix is your experienced, full service Littoral Shelf Maintenance Company. Learn More


Aquagenix offers a variety of mapping solutions for all of your needs. This includes knowing surface area, water volume, depth, sediment thickness, and other valuable information that are key to healthy lake management. Learn More

Stormwater Management

Aquagenix is committed to maintaining stormwater systems in compliance with all regulations and applicable laws as well as ensuring the use of stormwater Best Management Practices. Learn More

Vegetation Removal

Aquagenix can provides immediate clean up and removal services to your overgrown lakes and waterways. Learn More

Water Quality and Clarification

Aquagenix conducts numerous tests to identify the unique condition of your water. Learn More

Wetlands / Natural Areas Management

Aquagenix is actively engaged in maintaining this balance by providing comprehensive natural area maintenance and restoration services. Learn More

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